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Surety Bonds

Talanton Insurance can assist you with all types of surety bonds, and we have access to some of the best underwriters in the country. We are experienced and here to help you with whatever type of bond you may need.

Type of Bonds we write:

Not getting the results you want from your surety/bonding agent? When accepting the role of a trusted advisor to my client, we avoid the traditional features and benefits sales pitch process that comes with an outdated bid and quote selection model. Instead, we partner to procure proper bonding/surety, at a fair price, that protects their bottom line and the ongoing viability of their enterprise. Bonds, also known as surety, are not insurance. They are a financial guarantee that you will do what you said, how you said you’d do it when you said you’d do it. If you don’t, a guarantor, who often happens also to be an insurance company, has to pay out on your behalf. Then, in most cases, they will pursue your company and you personally for repayment of their loss. It’s not a small matter. Do you want to trust your financial worth, and your company’s, to someone who doesn’t appreciate the pleasure and pain that motivates you? As a commercial surety advisor, we partner with companies who will work to understand you and your company to build a bond that works hard to meet your goals. Think of bonding like a ticket to the dance, with the potential for profit. There is no guarantee of profit, but in most cases, there is a guarantee you can’t even get in the door to compete if you can’t get the bonding you need to run and grow your business profitably.
We write policies for such a diverse amount of insurance needs that we can not list them all 

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