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This page is a resource for insurance certificates, blog posts, and podcasts dedicated to help our clients navigate the insurance world.

Business Insurance

This is a self-service area dedicated to our Business Insurance Clients to add coverage, print a certificate of insurance, or want to discuss their levels of risk.

Surety Bond

Are you a current client and looking to apply for a surety bond. Click below to be forwarded to our online application. Let us know if you have any questions. 

Personal Insurance

This area is for our personal clients who want to add or subtract coverage, print out a certificate of insurance, or learn more about their coverage.

Additional Information for Talanton Clients

Talanton's Podcasts

Tune into our podcast, “Why I hate the Insurance Guy.” We dig deep into the issues that trouble our clients and how we can help to solve them.

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Blog + Resources

We want our clients to be as educated and never feel alone or find themselves trapped in a “gotcha” insurance problem going at it alone.

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Training Center

We offer additional training for our clients that want to learn about the insurance industry. If you are willing, we are ready to teach you what we know to help you learn. 

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File a Claim

Need help filing a claim? It’s unfortunate, but claims against insurance policies do happen. If you do, we are here to help when the inevitable happens.


At the end of the day, we want you to sleep well, knowing you are in great hands, and your business, surety, or personal risks are taken care of.
Matt Snowden
Founder Talanton Insurance

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